Wilson TRIAD 150 Racquetball Racquet XS with Backpack
Code: R0150
$99.95   $249.00

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Updated TRIAD 150 feels like a feather - a really, really powerful feather. It is the lightest, most maneuverable TRIAD ever created. This new ultra light design picks up as if it's purely an extension of your arm. Additional Power Holes™ are added to the tip of the racquet to give the racquet 10% more velocity on every shot. 6-time Pro World Champion Cliff Swain has chosen the TRIAD 150 as his racquet. His opponents will undoubtedly feel the impact!

COMPOSITION: Hyper Carbon/High Modulus Graphite/Graphite

BALANCE: Head Heavy

HEADSIZE: 107 sq. in


WEIGHT: 150 grams

call 1-732-765-8625

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