Wilson K Factor Tour Squash Racquet, no cover
Code: T9602
$119.00   $199.99

Custom Strung with:

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Why we feature this racket:

This evenly balanced 140 grammer does show the miracles of durability! Thanks to the infusion of K-Factor technology (read more on this below).
To bring the most of this racket, we did custom string it.
Just pick your favorite string!

Disclaimer: We still do not recommend this racket for slaying dragons - the paint might come off.

WEIGHT: 140 grams

HEADSIZE: 470 sq.cm.


RECOMMENDED: All levels of play

What is so unique about "K-Factor" technology?
The K-Factor generation has four main components (K)arophite Black, (K)onnector, (K)ontour Yoke, and (K)ompact center.
(K)arophite Black refers to the combining of Carbon Black from the original nCode racquets with graphite and [[SiO2]] to create a dense and strong racquet matrix.
(K)onnector refers to the two wings molded on each side of the racquet that increase dwell time of the ball when it hits the racquet thereby providing more control and comfort as well as a larger sweet spot.
(K)ontour Yoke refers to cross-sectional shape of the frame that enhances stiffness to increase stability of the racquet.
(K)ompact Center refers to the shorter yoke design that improves stability, maneuverability, and handling.
call 1-732-765-8625

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