Custom Strung - Head Xenon 135 Squash Racquet
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Our product review:
Head Xenon 135 allows you to trade the ease of power for the joy of control.
We welcomed some head weight to help striking the ball with the very inviting balance for all around game.
Great racquet and a fantastic value.

HEADSIZE: 460 sq. cm.

WEIGHT: 135 grams

BALANCED (unstrung): to head, 370 mm

BEAM: 20 mm

COMPOSITION: Head YouTek™ (d30™ / CT Technology / Teflon )



YouTek™ technology.

YouTek™ combines superior technologies to perfectly match your individual needs. Whether your game is aggressive and adventurous or consistent and smooth, YouTek™ enhances your performance and brings out the best in you.
Smart material d3o� adapts to anything and amplifies everything. Powerful shots become more explosive and touch shots even more accurate. So no matter what kind of player you challenge, you can take on anybody � anytime.
Corrugated Technology - CT
A revolutionary shaft deign that optimizes power. Corrugates rails are incorporated into the shaft of the racquet creating up to 12% more stiffness than a conventional racquet design. This provides superior torsion, blending and handling for optimum power in every single shot.
call 1-732-765-8625

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