Head Graphene Touch Speed 120 L Squash Racquet
Code: 211037
$139.95   $210.00

call 1-732-765-8625
WEIGHT: 120 grams

HEADSIZE: 500 sq.cm.

BEAM: 20 mm

BALANCED (unstrung): to head


COMPOSITION: Head Graphene Touch with Adaptive Fan Pattern (AFP)

Adaptive Fan Pattern (AFP) technology allows you to customize your string pattern to maximize your game. With HEAD�s new racquet and bumper technology, you are able to choose between the traditional straight pattern or the more dense fan pattern each time you string.
HEAD�s Straight String Pattern is designed for players looking for maximum power with optimal touch and feel.
HEAD�s new Fan Pattern is designed for players looking for a stiffer string bed. This dense fan pattern increases the stiffness of the string bed increasing control while maintaining power with longer main strings.
call 1-732-765-8625

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