Eyerackets X.Tech 16.6g /1.2 mm, Black, Squash String, SET
Code: XtechBlack166G
$13.95   $16.95

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The black X.Tech offers slightly less grip and a tad more power than the black. If you like the green, you'll enjoy the black version too. The 1.20 mm is perfect for our control range and smaller headed power range: X.Lite Pro Power squash rackets and V.Lite 115/125/145 Power squash rackets.
To reproduce the optimal playing characteristics (as found traditionally in natural gut), X.Tech is made using 1000+ twisted fibres. This multi-filament construction acts as a natural shock absorber, using the tiny fibres to dissipate the vibrations before they can aggravate your arm or wrist.
call 1-732-765-8625

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