Dunlop Biomimetic Pro Squash Racquet, no cover
Code: T773155
$89.95   $159.95


call 1-732-765-8625
Head Size: 470

Weight: 135 g

Balanced: Evenly

String pattern: 14x18

Construction: Premium Graphite

Dunlop does not supply cover for this racquet

SquashGear product review: It is amazing that Dunlop keeps making racquets in that mold year after year. Why? Well, why change a winner? Technology changes, but the shape stays the same. This shape of the racquet have been extremely popular among players of all levels. The flex provides ample power even for novice player, while the classic weight distribution affords remarkable control and feel. Modest sweet spot lets you know where to place the ball on the racquet, and drops just go where they are supposed to. MOS grommets on this classic Pro mold give any strings some extra life. We love this one.
call 1-732-765-8625

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