Black Knight T.U.F. Replacement Grip, 1-pack
Code: AC084B
$4.99   $5.99

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2+ for $4.50 ea.


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Self-adhesive replacement grip.
This is the grip found on most Black Knight racquets.
Similar to TUF Grip, TUF Re-Grip, is built to thicker specifications for the greater cushioning and absorption needed in a replacement grip.
A TUF grip not only has a tacky and absorbent skin, it uses a strip of EVA foam running up the middle of the length of the grip to create a contoured 3-D effect. Grip the racquet and feel your fingers slide into position, while the foam cushions your hand.
In hot, sweaty conditions, the grip's contours add to the properties of the PU outer layer to help you stay in control.
call 1-732-765-8625

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