Ashaway Ultranick Squash String,18g, Power Blue, SET
Code: A11036
$13.00   $14.50

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Squash Strings with Zyex� Multifilament Fibers for Ultra Performance Technology:

� Ultra Soft Power � Ultra Sharp Control � Ultra Tension Stability

UltraNick 18 features:
� Zyex multifilament core increases power and resilience
� Zyex multifilament core prevents tension loss
� Braided surface maxmizes control and increases spin
� 18 gauge maximizes softer feel
Here is what Daryl Selby said about the string:
The string is awesome, I am currently trying it at a tighter tension. I played the final last week with it strung slightly tighter than usual and really liked it. The playability is great, and for me the durability is absolutely fine. It breaks slightly quicker than the Ashaway PowerNick 18 gauge red, but it never breaks too quickly...
call 1-732-765-8625

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